Software & Downloads

POP3 to SMTP Mail-Connector

Mailman provides a multi account POP3 collector with mail forwarding via SMTP. It’s very usefull to collect mails from different POP3 accounts and send them to another mailserver. (For instance you can collect mails and forward them to your internal Exchange-Server.) Mailman acts as an Smarthost without changing any content of mails. The software also includes a SPAM filter, backups, different free selectable schedules, statistics and more.

Mike Messenger

Inhouse Company Messenger with full rich windows client and free source code.

Mail-to-SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway without Internet! Use your Cellphone or Datastick to send and receive SMS. ZelosSMS acts as a Windows-service and represents a SMTP compatible mail-server. The service handles incoming mails through various rules and delivers the incoming mail as SMS and/or mail. Feature rich web frontend.

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Software & Usability Engineering

Feel free to contact me.
My experience focuses mainly on software and usability engineering as well as project management and architecture.
More then 20 years of experience in the world of IT.
I worked on many projects based on C# and VB.NET with Oracle or SQL-Server backend. I am very familiar to UX and I have done some UX research, test and reports.
Furthermore I am interesting in Artificial Intelligence especially Neuronal Networks and Genetic Algorithms.